Automatic Power Control by Schedule

Note! The descriptions and instructions below are for use with the YOYOPower SMS 2.0 mobile app.

For settings and usage with SMS commands, see section SMS COMMAND LIST (PDF for download)

A) What is schedule control?

  • With the schedule control power can automatically be switched ON and OFF by day(s) and time.
  • Each schedule is defined by selected day(s) plus a time period in hours and minutes.
  • Days can be defined as a single weekday, or a number of days up to a full week.
  • Up to 3 different schedules can be created. E.g. different times different days (or for weekdays and weekend)
  • Schedule(s) can be activated individually or in parallel.

B) How to set a schedule or multiple schedules?

  1. At the Start page, select the unit to schedule, press the > at the right hand side.
  2. Go to Power Control.
  3. Go to Schedule.
  4. Select day/days, set time to switch ON and to swith OFF power.
  5. Press OK to save and activate the schedule.
  6. The schedule(s) can be deactivated by tapping the [red] button at the bottom.
  7. The schedule(s) are saved, and to activate again press the OK button at the desired schedule.