Automatic Power Control by Thermostat

Note! The descriptions and instructions below are for use with the YOYOPower SMS 2.0 mobile app.

For settings and usage with SMS commands, see section SMS COMMAND LIST (PDF for download)

A) What is thermostat control?

  • The thermostat power control is a function that automatically turn power ON or OFF by temperature.
  • The standard temperature range with the included temp sensor is -10˚C — +50˚C.
  • With an optional accessory sensor on cable (TSG) the available range will be extended to -30˚C — +100˚C.
  • The function can be used either for heating equipment, e.g. a radiator (power is switched on at the lower temperature set and switched off when the desired warmer temperature is reached) or cooling equipment, e.g. an air conditioner (power is switched on at the higher temperature set and switched off when the desired cooler temperature is reached).

B) How to set the thermostat?

  1. At the Start page, select the unit to temperature control, press the > at the right hand side.
  2. Go to Power Control.
  3. Go to Thermostat.
  4. Set the upper (warmer) temperature.
  5. Set the lower (cooler) temperature.
  6. Select whether it’s for Heating or Cooling.
  7. Save settings and activate function by pressing OK.
  8. To activate/deactivate the Thermostat control tap the [green] or [red] button.