Reset and Status

A) Reset a YOYOPower Plus to factory settings

1. Connect the device to an electrical outlet. Wait about 20-30 seconds until the status indicator (the one with waves) starts flashing.

2. Press and hold the button on the side until the status indicator turns solid. About 10-20 sec. Note! A long beep is heard from a Main unit but not from a Slave unit.

3. The main unit can also be reset with an SMS command. This under the conditions that :

    • the unit has a working SIM card installed,
    • is connected to the mobile network
    • and the sender is the registered Master.

4) Reset by sending the SMS command #08#1234# (1234 is the default password upon delivery).

5) After the complete reset, YOYOPower is activated again when the Master is registered again with the SMS command #00# to the mobile number belonging to the SIM card inserted in YOYOPower.


B) Check status of the YOYOPower Plus units

ON/OFF, Temperature and Activated Controls can be checked.

1. In the YOYOPower SMS 2.0 mobile app, select the unit (Main or Slave) on the Start page.

2. Tap the button > to the right.


3. Send an SMS command to the YOYOPower unit:

    • Main unit: #07#
    • Slave unit: #70#

4. Check the received SMS. Legend:

    • Main unit ON or Off
    • Slave unit ”name” ON or OFF
    • XXC = actual temperature
    • S = Schedule Control active
    • D = Delay Timer active
    • T = Temperature Control active


B) Check status of the mobile network

1) Send SMS command #27# to the YOYOPower Main unit

2) Check the SMS response:

    • Below XX = unsufficient signal strength
    • XX-XX = weak signal, but would normally work (temporarily drops may occur)
    • Above XX (max XX) = good signal strength

3) If the signal strength is too low, try the following:

    • Move YOYOPower to a location with a better mobile coverage.
    • Change the SIM card to one from another mobile operator with a better mobile coverage on the actual site.