YOYOPower Plus – Installation by mobile app

Note! The instructions below are for installation using the YOYOPower SMS 2.0 mobile app.

For installation with SMS see section YOYOPower Plus – Installation by SMS


A) Download YOYOPower SMS 2.0 mobile app

B) Install YOYOPower Plus Main Unit (EMP, EOP)

Note! The YOYOPower SMS 2.0 must be installed prior to installing the main unit.

1. Connect YOYOPower to a wall socket.

2. The status indicator turns solid when a network has been found (see Status indicators in the leaflet that comes with the package).

3. Launch the YOYOPower SMS 2.0 mobile app, then tap + add Main Unit on the Start page.

4. Select model, enter Location (e.g. Cabin), enter Name (e.g. Radiator) and Mobile number for the SIM card installed in YOYOPower.

5. Check that an SMS is received with the text: “Welcome! Password is 1234 (don’t forget to change)

6. Connect the electrical device/appliance to be remotely controlled by YOYOPower.


C) Add additional YOYOPower Plus Main Unit

1. Connect the new main unit to a wall outlet, wait for a network to be found.

2. On the Home page of the mobile app, tap + add at the bottom of the page (an unlimited number of main units can be added).

3. Repeat steps 4-5 in section A) above.


D) Add a YOYOPower Plus Slave Unit (ESP)

Only applicable on EMP and EOP models. A maximum of 4 slave units can be connected per main unit.

1. Make sure the Main Unit is activated and connected to a wall outlet.

2. Connect the slave unit to an electrical outlet. Wait 30 seconds.

3. Press and hold the slave unit’s manual power switch (approx. 10 sec) until the status indicator changes to a solid light.

4. Unplug the slave unit from the wall socket

5. Tap + Add Accessory on the Start page of the mobile app.

6. Select the model YOYOPower Plus Extra Unit (ESP), enter the desired Name of the slave unit.

7. Wait for an SMS with the text ”Connect additional unit ”name” now” from the main unit. The main unit status light starts flashing (pairing mode).

8. Connect the slave unit to a wall socket.

9. Wait for an SMS with the text ”Slave unit ”name” – CONNECTED”. The LED indicator on the accessory now indicates with a steady light.

10. To add additional slave unts, repeat steps 2-9 above.


E) Add Wireless accessories; Alarm sensors, Remote controls and Siren

Only applicable for the EMP and EOP models.

1. In the mobile app, press the right arrow > on the main unit to which the wireless alarm sensors are to be connected.

2. Go to Alarm > Home Alarm.

3. Activate the accessory for connection/pairing by following the steps in the guide included in the respective accessory’s packaging.

4. For connection/pairing, go to the heading Wireless alarm sensors, follow the instructions on the mobile app page Home alarm.

4.1 Alarm sensors: Add up to 6 alarm sensors: Select ’Temporary’ or ’Permanent’ and enter the name of the alarm sensor.

4.2 Remote controls: Add up to 2 remote controls.

4.3 Siren: Add one (1) siren.

5. To set and activate alarms, see section Home Alarm.