Home Alarm

The home alarm functions are only applicable on EMP and EOP models and with installed wireless sensors (optional acessories).

A) What is home alarm?

  • The home alarm is a ’sensor alarm function’ wherby YOYOPower will alert Master and Users by SMS in the event of a detection by a connected wireless sensor.
  • Up to six wireless wireless sensor accessories (e.g. smoke detector or PIR) can be connected to the Main Unit.
  • When a sensor is triggered, YOYOPower will send an alarm SMS to alert the Master and Users.
  • At installation of a sensor it can either be defined as ’Permanent’ (always on, regardless of whether the home alarm function is activated or not, e.g. a smoke detector) or as ’Temporary’ (only activated when a sensor alarm is in operation, i.e. ON, e.g. a PIR).
  • The home alarm function can either be activated by the mobile app or by sending an SMS to the main unit.
    • By mobile app. At the Device Page tap the button Alarm On to activate and Alarm OFF to deactivate the function.
    • By SMS: #40#1# to activate and #40#0# to deactivate the function.
  • The home alarm can also be turned ON/OFF by schedule. The schedule for an activated alarm is set for day/days and a time period in the day).
  • Up to 3 different schedules can be set and saved, The schedules can be activated indivually or i parallell (e.g. different schedules different days).
  • By adding a wireless siren (optional accessory) the siren will also flash and sound if a sensor is triggered.
  • The Main Unit additionally supports up to two remote controls which can be used to turn ON/OFF the alarm locally.
  • The remote control also features a ’Panic button’ which if pressed will sends an alarm SMS to [whom?].
  • The above wireless accessories can be installed by mobile app or SMS. For installation see Installation by mobile app or Installation by SMS.

B) How to set the home alarm by the mobile phone app?

  • Ensure the wireless sensor is installed/paired and activated (wait for the confirmation SMS).
  • At the Start page, select the unit to set a schedule for, press the > at the right hand side.
  • Go to Alarm.
  • Go to Home alarm.
  • Scroll down to the heading Alarm schedule.
  • Select the day/days and set the time (start and stop).
  • Save settings and activate function by pressing OK.
  • To deactivate the home alarm schedule function, tap the [red] button at the bottom.
  • Optionally: YOYOPower has a Beeper indicator which when activated and with a set duration time will beep upon a sensor alarm.

C) How to set the home by SMS?

  1. To set up the schedule:
    • Send #46#2#Days#TimeFrom#TimeTo# to the Main Unit:
  2. Time format: Hours and Minutes = HHMM
  3. Days (codes):
      • Monday = 1
      • Tuesday = 2
      • Wednesday = 3
      • Thursday = 4
      • Friday = 5
      • Saturday = 6
      • Sunday = 7
      • Example for alarm ON Monday and Tuesday from 8:00 to 17:30 = #46#2#12#0800#1730#
  4. To deactivate the alarm schedule(s): #47#
  5. To activate the Beeper indicator and set duration time (0-60 seconds): #50#Seconds#